Director • Actor • Writer

What is behind the initials AVX? 


Being a fan of the mysterious promotions that surround certain films, I wanted to use similar techniques for this teaser. I sincerely hope that the aesthetic and visual choices that I have made for this pre-teaser, will guide even a novice to this universe. The main objective for me was to pay homage to this saga, which has crossed and marked several generations.


Who are you?


Fascinated from a very young age by the magic of movies and finding a very special connection to the sci-fi and animation genres, I enrolled a cinema school. After a few exciting years of studying, directing and producing, I worked for a few TV production companies. Observing and deciphering this universe, I cultivated my passion and remained inspired by the cinematic world and its evolution.


A(lien) V(=5) X(=> keeping the mystery alive)


My passion for the cinema was discovered unexpectedly when I watched the first episode of this saga at an age where I should have been playing in the garden with my friends. Alien, Aliens, Alien³ and Alien resurrection (Yes I love them all and without distinctions). When heard that the production of a sequel / prequel / crossover / shared universe…. was launching in the naughties, I told myself, that as a young director, and actor (and a forever fan), I should try my luck.


A company…


What pushed me to start producing and directing such a risky project, the original movies being under license and also being some of the biggest movies ever made, is above all ... humility. I have such respect for this strong, timeless universe, with its simple and powerful themes, and portrayed through 4 very specific visions by different directors.


She’s alive


Yet, for me the single most important part of this universe, in addition to its flawless and incomparable artistic choices, is the construction and evolution of its most iconic character: Lieutenant Ellen Louise Ripley. Young and innocent but having to face the beast, a murderous warrior and maternal figure at the same time. Her character flayed by a tragic life because she had to save us from our sins, and finally defiled, she is bastardised and the new matriarchal figure of her own nemesis.


Just a fake trailer?!


It first started as a simple video that was meant to help me show my skills to try and obtain an audition for a future Alien project as an actor (the latest being the aborted project of Mr Neil Bloomkamp for an Alien 5)…. my vision for AVX has now taken a complete different turn.


And action


Filmed and having partially completed the special effect needed, AVX has had a long post-production period. This led to me writing a sequel which has in turn matured and evolved in my mind for the last 5 years. What developed into a simple pitch, was followed by hundreds of ideas that filled many notebooks to finally become a vinery project, that can be chronologically added to the whole saga: a cinema script divided in two parts, a tv series filmed 3d motion capture and 7 short films, and all of them true to this saga’s soul and its irreplaceable and central element, Mrs Sigourney Weaver aka Ellen Ripley.


Yes and…


Written in a particularly neat manner, with strong themes, situations never seen in the saga or even at the cinema before, with developed characters, nail biting suspense and a terrifying return to the original storyline. Ripley will come back with new dilemmas, she will have to face her biggest challenges and juggle between her human and alien sides. My vision will see the return of iconic characters who have a strong and meaningful place at the heart of the saga (already teased by Mr Bloomkamp), we will also find out an explanation that has been right in front of our eyes all this time…